All services listed below can be tailored to the needs of your workforce. As an indication, a workshop for up to 24 participants with two healthcare professionals facilitating is £600 for a half day or £1000 for a full day. Our five week mindfulness course is £60 - £100 per delegate, depending on participant numbers. There are discounts for regular or bulk bookings, and customised pricing for away days and other services.

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Five-Week "Introduction to Mindfulness" Course


The Introduction to Mindfulness course is a set of five classes each of two hours once a week. Participants are given a background to mindfulness and will learn about the research which is demonstrating how the science and knowledge as to why it actually works. There are experiential exercises, poetry and discussions. Participants are invited to keep a daily journal to record their experiences and share what they choose with the group and to do one mindful activity a day as well as short guided meditations. 

Stand-alone workshops


Depending on your needs and preferences, we can provide a range of fun workshops to support the wellbeing of your workforce. These include

  • Introduction to Mindfulness: a taster introduction to our core 5 week course;

  • Team-based strategies to support a positive workplace culture: experiment with tried and tested strategies such as 'brief, huddle, debrief', appreciative enquiry, action learning sets, and see what works for your organisation;

  • Craft and chat: take time out to sit and knit (or stitch and bitch!), enjoy the pleasures of charitable giving, see how relationships can be built, problems shared, and batteries recharged through simple but absorbing activities;

  • Become your own life coach: introduction to the principles of health coaching and behaviour change: see how you can change yourself (and those around you!)

  • Arts & humanities: learning about complexity, communication and compassion through the arts & humanities;

  • Healthy eating: build a better relationship with food through mindfulness, sustainability, and medical science.

Family & staff aways days


Ever found yourself pulling your hair out wondering how to invigorate your team?  

Our bespoke family & staff away-days or weekends are run at locations ranging from stately homes to outward-bound activity centres. We offer a choice of wellbeing activities:

  • Our OFSTED-regulated childcare team will keep little ones entertained;

  • Allow your team to relax with mindfulness, pilates, aromatherapy, creative or outdoors activities, or just time to decompress if that is what they need! 

  • Older children can make use of the games space or join in with adult activities.

  • We also offer activities that parents and children can enjoy together – quality time with no mess or meals to prepare.  

  • In the evening, our sitter service will ensure children are sleeping safely, while your team socialise over a good meal.

Regular guided meditations


Project Wellbeing London offers a selection of guided meditations. These can focus on specific aspects of your or your teams life work balance or can be more generic. The guided meditations range in length from a 3 minute breathing space to a half hour body scan.

Regular group activities


We can arrange regular weekly or monthly wellbeing sessions in your workplace, such as

- book groups

- craft & chat

- tea & empathy

- walk & talk

- yoga & pilates

- action learning sets (peer coaching)

Distance learning strategies


If your workforce it highly distributed, we can provided live guided meditations via remote technologies such as Skype for Business. All sessions are live and supported by healthcare professionals who can listen and respond to any issues arising. 

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